our story: how we started


As a sobering reality, many youngsters in our country still lack access to high-quality education and skills, despite the fact that education is indisputably one of everyone’s basic requirements. RoboTeach took a step to emphasize educating youngsters about the future of technology and developing creative thinking and problem-solving in the hopes of tackling and cooperatively working on this gloomy topic.

We hope to arouse interest in young brains of all genders by providing information on basic working processes, new technologies, exciting computer capabilities, programming, and future innovation. We can open the way for those who are interested in technology and automation to pursue it in this way. This is how we can cultivate creative minds and future robotics enthusiasts. And for those who are interested but have few resources, it is our responsibility to encourage them and create a platform for them to work on their dreams, which can be realized with everyone’s help.


MEET OUR TEAM/Executives

               Abishek Raj                                                   Founder

           +977 9816825699              abishek@roboteachnepal.com

         Veer Chandra kamati                                          Founder 

           +977 9804800434                         veer@roboteachnepal.com                     

                Aashish Shah                                                Founder

           +977 980481311                        Aashish@roboteachnepal.com



               Priyanka Karki                                  Tech Team lead


             Rahul Mandal                                      Secretary


         Madhav Raj Dulal                                  Content Team





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